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            1. HANGZHOU TOKA INK CO., LTD.


              Current location : Application Functional effect

              Functional effect

              1.Special UV ink

              Products for electronic labels, light fastness packaging, waterless printing and screen printing that meet requirements for UL certification.




              UV NH and NH(H)

              Developed in response to European Union requirements on the content limits of halogen (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine) toxic compounds (such as flame retardants, etc.) in printing products. The performance of the common type is similar to that of UV 161, and that of the H-type is similar to that of VP.

              Packaging and labels with low halogen requirements.

              UV lightfast series

              Lightfast and super lightfast (red, gold red, yellow) products developed for packaging and labels with weather resistance requirements.

              Printing of paper, gold and silver card paper, synthetic paper, PE, PVC, PET and other non-absorbent materials. Labels are UL certified.

              UV L CARTON

              Excellent printability, curing performance and low odor.

              Printing of ivory board, PE coated paper and toothpaste tube.

              UV 171

              UV WL Pro

              UV WL-LED

              Waterless offset UV ink

              Printing of CD, wine labels, sheets, cards, etc.

              UV antibacteria

              Containing 0.2 to 0.5% of antibacterial additives, the relevant printed matter has passed antibacterial testing, with more than 99% of the antibacterial ability (escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus). This series includes HY-BD, 161, NH, VP, other ink sub-series and HT-coating gloss oil series.

              Antibacterial and mildew proof books, packaging, etc.

              2.Specia Offset Printing Ink




              SG-3100 RICH GOLD

              SG-3300 PALE GOLD

              • The ink is produced by Hangzhou Toka ink and Eckart Gemany
              • With strong metallic
              • Good printiability

              Gold ink for coated papers 、uncoated papers and cartoons

              S-10 SILVER

              • The ink is produced by Hangzhou Toka ink and Eckart Gemany
              • With strong metallic
              • Good printiability

              Silver ink for coated papers 、uncoated papers and cartoons

              VIVA Series

              • High concentration
              • Excelled florescent
              • Good printiability

              Florescent ink for coated papers 、uncoated papers and cartoons

              Light fastness

              Ink Series

              The light fastness grade of conventional light fastness ink is 4-5.

              The light fastness grade of extra light fastness ink is more than 6.

              Light fastness inks for coated papers 、uncoated papers and cartoons

              BEST SG Co-free

              A new type ion dryer instead of cobalt dryer.

              Suitable for banning cobalt dryer in special printing.

              Cobalt-free ink for coated papers 、uncoated papers and cartoons

              BX antibacterial ink

              The product combines a broad spectrum of antibacterial ingredients in the ink to effectively kill bacteria on the surface of printed proof and prevent the spread of bacteria.

              Antibacterial ink for coated papers 、uncoated papers and cartoons

              3. Liquid Ink for Surface Printing

              Product Name

              Product features


              Heat transfer ink

              Applicable to PET film printing with surface corona value above 50 dyne and thermal transfer release agent coating. Excellent thermal transfer effect

              Surface heat transfer printing of plastic barrels, plastic cups, stationery, water cups, building materials and other items

              Electrothermal ink

              Contains conductive materials such as graphene, controllable resistance level and high period stability

              Heating pad, floor heating pad

              Fluff  overprint varnish

              Gravure overprint varnish with fluffy feel, fine and smooth feel

              Film surface printing

              Mirror silver ink

              Metal ink with mirror effect, replace  the printing effect of stamping and aluminum washing processes

              Film inner side printing

              Fluorescent ink

              Rich color patterns under ultraviolet light, the color disappears without ultraviolet light

              Special packaging with anti-counterfeiting effect

              Laser effect ink

              Show different laser light variation effects under different visual angles

              Anti-counterfeiting effect label and packaging

              Water-based bio- based ink

              Advocate the use of renewable raw materials and bio based raw materials to reduce dependence on petroleum raw materials

              Environmental protection and bio-based packaging

              Water-based germicidal overprint varnish

              Use for printing on the film / paper overprint varnish, the antibacterial rate (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aurous) reaches more than 99%

              Daily necessities packaging

              Water-based waterproof functional coating

              Printing / coating on paper to improve the water barrier performance

              Paper liquid containers printing like paper cups, paper bowls, etc.

              Water-based PVC decorative film ink

              Suitable for PVC decorative film printing, meets the requirements of PVC hot pressing process

              PVC furniture sticker printing

              Scented ink

              Contains fragrance microcapsules to keep the printed matter fragrant for a long time

              Daily necessities packaging

              Heat sealing barrier glue

              Suitable for food packaging, to achieve the purpose of reducing the heat sealing strength locally and make the opening position easier to open

              Local printing at the seal of milk box

              Laser coding white ink

              Suitable for white ink for YAG/CO2 laser coding with clear coding handwriting and smooth edges

              Marking of production date or number in label and package

              Antistatic coating liquid

              Printing on the surface of the film which can effectively reduce the accumulation of static electricity on the surface of the printed matter

              Film surface printing

              Vacuum aluminizing coating

              Used for primer and top coating of vacuum aluminized paper, excellent alkali penetration and alkali residence functions, and the surface layer has good ink printability

              Primer and top coating of vacuum aluminized paper

              Kinds of based coat

              Pre-coating on the surface of various printing substrates. They can significantly improve the adhesion fastness of printing ink

              PP, PET, aluminum foil and other substrates pre-coating


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